Essex and Suffolk Directory listings

This page lists Fitches found in the various trade and Post Office directories.

Suffolk 1875 Post Office Directory

  1. Fitch F. C. P., Insurance Agent for Royal Exchange, Baythorne grove, near Halstead. Page 771.

  2. Frederick C. Fitch, Auctioneer, Clare. Page 771.

  3. Pratt and Fitch, Millers, Cawlinge, Newmarket. Page 777.

  4. Fitch and Son, Fat and other stock sales, Haverhill. Page 814.

  5. Fitch, Mrs, Haverhill. Page 815.

  6. Fitch, Miss, (Private Resident) 63 Berners Street, Ipswich. Page 840.

  7. Fitch, Joseph, Bricklayer, 13 Old Foundry Road, Ipswich. Page 846.

  8. Fitch and Son, (Insurance Agents) Royal Exchange, High Street, Mildenhall. Page 883.

  9. Fitch, Philip, (Private Resident) Market Place, Mildenhall. Page 884.

  10. Fitch, Philip, Agent to Huddleston, Green and Co. Bankers, High Street, Mildenhall. Page 884.

  11. Fitch, Thomas, Great Greys, Newton, Sudbury. Page 890.

  12. Fitch, Samuel Haiden, (Private Resident) Queen Street, Southwold. Page 913.

  13. Fitch, Samuel Haiden, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Queen Street, Southwold. Page 914.

  14. Fitch, Frederick C, Estate Agent and Auctioneer. Stoke by Clare. Page 917.

  15. Fitch, Mrs, (Private Resident) Ventnor Villa, Sudbury. Page 929.

  16. Fitch, Enoch William, Miller, Wickhambrook, Newmarket. Page 952.

  17. Fitch, Ambrose G., Miller and Farmer, Wixoe. Page 957.

  18. Fitch and Son, High Street, Mildenhall, and at Baythorne Grove near Halstead. Page 989.

  19. Fitch, John, Boot and shoe maker. Little Thurlow, Newmarket.  Page 999.

  20. Fitch, Thomas, Farmer, Great Greys, Newton, Sudbury. Page 1022.

  21. Fitch, E. W., Miller, Wickhambrook, Newmarket. Page 1050.

  22. Fitch and Son, Surveyors, High Street, Mildenhall, and at Baythorne Grove near Halstead. Page 1077.

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