London and Middlesex Directory listings

This page lists Fitches found in the various trade and Post Office directories.

Holden’s Triennial Directory of London 1805/6/7

London Alphabet - private residences

  1. Fitch, Disney Esq, 39 Germyn st
  2. Fitch, Mr John Deacon, Dalston
  3. Fitch, Mr. Wm 8 Surrey-st, Strand

London Alphabet of Businesses and Professions etc

  1. Fitch, Edward, wine and brandy merchant, 65 Jermyn st, St James
  2. Fitch, John, glover, 196 Picadilly
  3. Fitch, Saml, oilman and tallow chandler, 114 Upper East Smithfield
  4. Fitch, James, cheesemonger, 68 (?) Leadenhall st
  5. Fitch, John, cabinet maker, 26 Chandler st, Grosveor Sq
  6. Fitch, Tho, weaver, Pleasant Row, Mile End, New Town
  7. Fitch, I., salmon and oyster warehouse, 78 Fetter lane
  8. Fitch Wm. baker, High St, Highgate
  9. Fitch Wm. bull's head, 80 Leadenhall St
  10. Fitch Wm. surgeon, Canterbury

Holden’s Directory 1811

  1. Fitch, Ann, Glover, 195 Piccadilly
  2. Fitch, Daniel, Farmer and Gardener, South-field Farm, Fulham
  3. Fitch, Edward, Wine and Brandy Merchant, 65 Jermyn Street
  4. Fitch, George, Eating House, Parklane, Piccadilly
  5. Fitch, James, Wine and Brandy Merchant, 144 Sl(t)oane Street
  6. Fitch, James, Wine Merchant, 44 Kings Street, Golden Square
  7. Fitch, James and George, Cheese Mongers, 83 Leadenhall Street
  8. Fitch, John Oyster warehouse 77, Fetter lane
  9. Fitch, John, Buther, 10 Little Queen Street, Westminster
  10. Fitch, John, Horse and Groom, Hosier Lane, Smithfield
  11. Fitch, Thomas Weaver, 4 Little Love Lane, Aldermanbury
  12. Fitch, William, Grocer, Bromley

Pigot’s – London 1839

  1. Fitch and Son, Glovers, 192 Piccadilly
  2. Fitch, George and son, Cheesemonger, 66 Bishopsgate Street
  3. Fitch, Hannah, Greengrocer, 2 East Street, Spitalfields
  4. Fitch, James, Whipmaker, 57 St Mary axe
  5. Fitch, John, Oilman, 54 London Wall, City
  6. Fitch, John, Builder, 7 Queens Street, Great Windmill Street
  7. Fitch, John, Grapes Public House, Great Suffolk Street, Borough
  8. Fitch, John and Henry, Solicitors, 6 Union Street, Borough
  9. Fitch, Richard, Green Grocer, 14 Crucifix Lane, Bermondsey
  10. Fitch, Thomas, House agent and appraiser, 14 Devonshire Buildings, Great Dover Street
  11. Fitch, Thomas, Cheesemonger, 83, Leadenhall Street
  12. Fitch, Thomas, Plumber, painter, & C, 43 Union Street, Whitechapel
  13. Fitch, Thomas and Co., Wholesale Cheesemonger, 98 (Union street, Whitechapel?)
  14. Fitch, William, Carpenter, & C. Michael’s Grove, Brompton

Addendum to Pigot’s - London 1839

  1. Fitch and Reich, Straw hat makers, 3 Upper Marylebone Street
  2. Fitch, Frederick Charles, Grocer, 41 Blackfriars Road
  3. Fitch, John, Fruiterer, 9 Basing Lane Cheapside
  4. Fitch, Mary, Ladies Academy, London Fields, Hackney.

Post Office London Directory, 1841, [Part 1: Street, Commercial & Trades] 

(Thanks to Richard Thomson)

  1. Fitch, George & Son, Cheesemongers, 66 Bishopgate within

  2. Fitch, George & Son, Glovers, 192 Piccadilly

  3. Fitch, Frederick Charles, Tea dealer, 41 Blackfriars Road

  4. Fitch, Henry, Cooper, 29˝ Cannon St Rd, St George’s east

  5. Fitch, James, Whipmaker, 57 St Mary Axe

  6. Fitch, John, Builder & bricklayer, 7 Queen St, Golden Square

  7. Fitch, John, Oil & colorman, 54 London Wall

  8. Fitch, John, Solicitor & superintendent registrar of births, deaths & marriages for the district of St George’s, Southwark, vestry clerk & clerk to the Board of Guardians of St George the Martyr, Southwark, 17 Union St, Borough

  9. Fitch, John R, Jeweller, 10 Upp. Charles St, Northampton Square

  10. Fitch, Philip Turner, Wholesale cheesemonger, 4 Bishopsgate without

  11. Imray & Fitch, Paper manufacturers, 3 Old Fish Street Hill

Post Office London Directory 1846

  1. Fitch, Charles, grocer and cheesmongers, 33 New Gloucester St. Hoxton
  2. Fitch, Geo & son purveyor of dairy provision, 68 Bsngt wttn
  3. Fitch and Morrison, plumbers &c, 35 carey st, Lincoln’s inn
  4. Fitch, Augusta (miss) seminary, 27 Pelham rd Brompton
  5. Fitch, Edward, winchester arms, P.H. Grove, Gt Guidford St. Bo.
  6. Fitch, Fredk. Silversmith and Jeweller, 18 High St., Marylebone
  7. Fitch, George, attorney & solicitor, solicitor and secretary to the Metropolitan and provincial legal association, 15 New Bridge Street.
  8. Fitch, George, Watchmaker, 18 Redcross Street, Cripplegate
  9. Fitch, Henry, Cooper and Dealer in British and foreign plait, 29 ˝ Cannon street road, St George’s east.
  10. Fitch, Henry, Vellum Binder, 58 Wattling Street,
  11. Fitch, James, Beer seller 45B Dean Street, Soho
  12. Fitch, James, Whipmaker, 57 St. Mary axe
  13. Fitch, John, Builder and Bricklayer, 7 Queen street, Golden Square
  14. Fitch, John, Oil and Colorman, 55 London Wall
  15. Fitch, John Henry, Solr and sup registrar, 17 Union street, Boro’
  16. Fitch, John Robert, Jeweller and Jewel agent, 51 Hatton Garden (Note, in the 1851 census he is in prison!)
  17. Fitch, Sarah (Miss), Ladies School, 58 Gloucester Place, Prtm Square
  18. Fitch, William, Carpenter and Builder, 11 Michael’s Grove, Brompton
  19. Fitch, William, Stationer and Paper Hanger, Manufacturer’s. See Imray and Fitch
  20. Fitch, William, Undertaker and Dep reg., 48 Carey Street, Lincoln’s Inn
  21. Imray and Fitch (William), Wholesale Stationers and Paperhangers, Mnf. 3 O Fish Street, hl

Persons Holding Situations under the Crown.

The various Law, City and all others.

  1. J. H. Fitch, Sup. Rg. St. George’s Southwark
  2. Thomas Fitch, Metropolitan Carriage Office.

Post Office London Directory 1852

  1. FITCH & COZENS, wharfinger, Phoenix flour wrf. Bankside

  2. FITCH Geo. & Co. watchmakers, 2 Redcross st. Cripplegate

  3. FITCH Geo. & Son, purveyors of dairy provisions, 66 Bshgt. within

  4. FITCH Alfred, who. cheesemonger, see Warter & Fitch

  5. FITCH Charles, fishmonger, 13a, Chester ter. Eaton sq

  6. FITCH Edward, cheesemonger, 9 Colvill terrace, Chelsea

  7. FITCH George, cheesemonger, 11 High st. Newington butts

  8. FITCH George, solicitor, 23 Southampton street, Bloomsbury

  9. FITCH Henry, cooper & dealer in British and Foreign plait, 29 1/2 Cannon street road, St. George's east

  10. FITCH John, beer retailer, 67 Southampton st. Pentonville

  11. FITCH John, oil & colorman, 54 London wall

  12. FITCH John Hen. solr. & sup. reistrar, 17 Union st. Borough

  13. FITCH John Robert, gasfitting dealer, 51 Hatton garden

  14. FITCH Rt. who. jeweller & com. agent, 51 Hatton garden

  15. FITCH Joseph, builder & bricklayer, 7 Queen st. Golden sq

  16. FITCH Joseph Baker, Long Acre Coffee ho. P.H. 34 Long Acre

  17. FITCH Percival B. plumber, &c. 35 Carey st. Lincoln's inn

  18. FITCH Sarah (Miss), ladies' school, 58 Gloucester pl. Prtmn sq

  19. FITCH Wm. carpenter & builder, 9 Michael's place, Brompton

  20. FITCH Wm. mill dust contractor, 8 Edward st. Kingsland rd

  21. FITCH Wm. Old Kings Arms P.H. 91 Gray's inn lane

  22. FITCH Wm. who. stationer, account book & fancy colored paper manufacturer, 49 Watling street, City, & 2 Old Fish street hill, Upper Thames street

  23. Fletchers' Hall, (John FITCH), St. Mary Axe

  24. Lamprell Charles FITCH, Dyer's Arms P. H. Cannon St. City

  25. Warter & Fitch, Wholesale cheesemongers, 29 Rood lane


Superintendent Registrars and Registrars in London


St George's Southwark

  1. Sup. Registrar - John Henry FITCH, esq. 17 Union Street, Southwark

  2. Registrars - Kent Road, Frederick Charles FITCH, 20 Dover place, New Kent Road

  3. Registrar of Marriages, Frederick Charles FITCH, 20 Dover place, New Kent Road 


The Strand

  1. Registrars - St. Clement Danes, Francis Rickson FITCH, 85 Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn


Private Residences


  1. FITCH G. Esq. 23 Southampton st. Blmsby

  2. FITCH Mrs. 5 Halsey st. Cadogan street


Postal Deliveries


  1. Letters delivered from London at 7am/ 3.0pm Ipswich, William Stevenson FITCH, Box for London closes at 10.0pm


Post Office London Directory 1902 (Records thanks to Ivy and Ron)

  1.  FITCH Sir Joshua, LL.D. 13 Leinster Sq. Bayswater W

  2.  FITCH Rev. Thomas 5 Leicester Place WC

  3.  FITCH Arthur W  4 Grange Rd Canonbury N

  4.  FITCH Cecil Edwin 1 Garden Court Temple EC

  5.  FITCH Charles 11 Barnsbury Square N

  6.  FITCH Charles  Church Passage Guildhall EC & 6 Old Road Gravesend Kent

  7.  FITCH Conrad  14 Highbury New Park N

  8.  FITCH Frederick FRGS 40 Highbury New Park N

  9.  FITCH Frederick George 15 Devonshire Sq EC & Pines Enfield Middlesex

  10.  FITCH Herbert 28 Redcliffe Gardens SW

  11.  FITCH Mrs 19 Grange Road Canonbury N

  12.  FITCH Robert 79 Lancaster Road W

Though these records have been transcribed with care, no responsibility in any form can be held for their accuracy or completeness.

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