Early history of the Fitch family - condensed

Thomas and Agnes Fytche neč Alger
(16th century stained glass window in Lindsell Church)

William and Elizabeth Fytche
(16th century stained glass window in Lindsell Church)


There appear to have been two main branches of Fitches in England, the branch descended from Richard Fitch of Steeple Bumpstead who died in 1494 and the second branch descended from William Fitch of Wicken and Widdington who died circa 1466.  In a very sweeping statement we can say that it is likely most of the Fitches in America today originate from William Fitch, whereas most Fitches in England today originate from Richard.  It is generally accepted (in old times and new) that both lines descended from the same progenitor.  The pictures above are from the American line.

John T. FITCH has researched the "William Fitch" line and has produced a number of splendid books about the subject.  For further information go to his website on   www.fitchfamily.com 

John G Fitch has released a transcript of the Dr Marc Fitch card index, this can be found here.

Though this website concentrates mainly on the "Richard Fitch" line, for the Fitch DNA project, both the "Richard Fitch" and "William Fitch" lines would be most welcome to participate.  It may prove, or disprove, once and for all, that the two lines are related, and may give an indication how far back.