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These family trees are generated by a computer program from a GEDCOM file rather than hand-crafted.  For this reason grammar and sentence structure in the notes and sources can sometimes be rather strange, for this I apologise!

Family Tree 0 - Richard Fitch (d1494)

Family Tree 1  - Mr. Fitch (b circa 1750)

Family Tree 2 - Robert Gilbert Fitch (b 1837/8)            

Family Tree 3 - Richard Fitch (d 1494)

Family Tree 4 - Thomas Fitch (b circa 1740)

Family Tree 5Joseph Fitch (b 1817, Leytonstone)

Family Tree 6 - William Fitch (b circa 1788)

Family Tree 7 - Thomas Fitch (married 11 April 1765)

Family Tree 8 - Samuel F(f)ITCH (died before 1852)

Family Tree 9 - Frederick FITCH (b 1794)

Family Tree 10 - John FITCH (b circa 1818, Thaxted)

Family Tree 11 - Edward Fitch (Chelmsford, Essex)

Family Tree 12 - Samuel Fitch (Kedington, Suffolk)

Family Tree 13 - William Fitch (Hadstock, Essex)

Family Tree 14 - Cornelius Fitch (Writtle Essex, b circa 1739)



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